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Engyisi is focused on helping leaders and owners succeed in the digital journey. Being a transformative leader has its challenges, especially when the team is set in its ways, have to deal with an inherited long-term contract with antiquated SLA’s and KPI’s, the legacy technology stack hampers agility, forced to balance the organizational know-how and the new skills needed. The leaders and the owners have a herculean task to succeed.   

We at Engyisi do not differentiate between leaders and owners. We use them interchangeably as it is our firm belief that success in digital is not a pre-defined endpoint for the leaders, but an evolving one where they take ownership as an astute business owner. 

We aspire to be your long-term trusted advisor and partner. We will guide you and work with you as you lead real change.

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Why partner with us?

Our Philosophy of working is different.

We bring...

  • Close working relationships with industry leaders who understand the challenges of your role very well 

  • Deep expertise across the breadth of enterprises, driving change while transforming to be agile and nimble  

  • Engyisis' flexible methods and process that adapts to your working environment driving seamless engagements

  • Expertise across multiple technologies, product engineering, technology operations, and business operations 

  • Deep know-how on moving to “AS a Service” delivery models  

  • A holistic approach to enable the fail-fast innovation with adoption roadmaps

  • Adaptive contracting models for customized environments delivering the right value and managing risk

We leverage our methods, insights, expertise and combined knowledgebase to deliver value. 

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