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Digital Management & Insights

We help you develop the capabilities, processes, and a lasting culture necessary to be agile and innovate ahead of the market. These should help you succeed in the digital economy even long after we have left. A partnership that matters. Not a one size fits all strategy, but takes the best practices from the broader industry and tailor it to your specific scenario with keen attention to potential pitfalls.   

We start with a “Current State Digital Readiness Assessment” on your organization. And then working closely with you leveraging the “ENGYISI Organizational Alignment Model” leading to a set of recommendations 

Services: Digital Management & Insights
Governance Advisory

“What get’s measured gets done”. That has become the bedrock of all governance and reporting structures. The challenge is that alignment and satisfaction do not always mean just the measurable metrices, it also involves strengths of relationships, quality of outcomes and other non-measurables that are always not in the metrics.  


We in Engyisi can enable the structuring of a “holistic governance model”, which often make one plus one greater than two and help you implement the model with all the stakeholders.  The focus on the Engyisi way is relationships and helps client get more out of their partners and vendors. 

Services: Governance Advisory
Services: Data & Insights
Data & Insights

Data is a complex area in enterprises due to challenges of ownership, availability, visibility, and obfuscation. For eg. most often identifying the appropriate data repository for the source of truth is a cumbersome exercise given the diverse data buckets and a multitude of business functions in the enterprise topology.


Engyisi Data and Insights offers you support and guidance in defining your data strategy, data organization, and engineering

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