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Digital Supply Chain Optimization

For business already on the transformation track, the key is to drive value from the digital investments. Some challenges cited by leaders are

  • "We have implemented agile, but business is not feeling the pace of change"

  • "We have invested in AI / RPA but not sure we are addressing the right processes"

  • "My contracts with the vendors are not flexible enough to make the changes that we need now"


Most of these are caused by one or more underpinning issues in your digital supply chain


Digital Supply Chain Optimization is our services that analyze your digital supply-chain, identify the potential root causes, and work with you to help eliminate these blocks.

Services: Digital Supply Chain
Project to Product

The concept of productizing while increasing the agility of the organization requires an ability to integrate business, marketing, and technology verticals, define flexible architectures, implement DevOps, augmenting skills, etc... Due to complexities,  all parts of the organization might not be productization candidates. For those that are, success mainly depends on the ability to change the team thought process.

We help assess areas for productization, maturity in your product implementation journey, understand gaps and suggest mitigation and help manage change.

Services: Project to Product
Services: Automation First
Automation First

Almost all delivery teams understand the need for investing in an automation first model in their DevOps journey. They are more often than not limited in their ability to drive that concept to success.


The issues faced are predominantly non-functional,  

  • Defining path from development to live 

  • Anti-automation technology stacks in the topology 

  • Automation tools capability 

  • Deployment platform readiness and zero-downtime deployment 

  • Consistent environments for propagation to route to live 

We assess the maturity of your automation first model across your delivery chain and recommend tools, processes, and structures needed to address the issues and potential roadblocks identified and augment technology debt. 

Operational Resiliency

Various environmental factors disrupting business as a whole or specific business lines cripple the business-as-usual mode. Preparing for contingency helps running business lines in disaster mode to tide over the disruption.  

Our Operational Resiliency expertise and insight allow you to ensure adaptability and continuity in the face of business disruption. 

Services: Operational Resiliency
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