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Human Capital Advisory

Adoption of change by the employee is the biggest challenge/risk faced while transforming to an agile and customer-focused organization. The objective is to move from a resistance to change mindset to a culture that is excited about trying new things. 

Human Capital Advisory is our group of service offerings that help your various stakeholders work together to help maximize the potential of your people to deliver the right results for your organization. This includes redesigning organizational functions, revamping the internal communication strategy, realigning the strategic skills that you need in the organization, and reskilling your people with the knowledge and tools needed. 

Services: Human Capital Advisory
Services: Organizational Modeling
Organizational Modeling

The key driver for success in any change is the clarity in the accountabilities and the focus that is put to drive that change. Often this will entail a re-alignment in the organization. We at Engyisi are committed to helping leaders and owners find the right organizational structure and organizational key results that are needed for driving and managing change.


This modeling includes the creation of Roles and responsibilities associated with each function and working closely with leaders and HR in the organization to do a gap assessment of skills of people to these functions.  

Services: Organizational Change Management Advisory
Organizational Change Management Advisory

Once the new structures are defined, the success of implementation is based on how effectively you have managed that change. Organizations a lot of times make it an HR issue alone. Engyisi can help you drive a comprehensive change management process that helps drive and manage change by working with all stakeholders.


The key components that we focus on involve leadership alignment, change impact and readiness, creation of change champion network, and strategic communications. 

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Strategic Capacity Advisory 

The availability of good talent to drive change initiatives are always a challenge. The strategic functions in organizations are often stretched in ensuring smooth operations to focus on the transformation and evolution. Ability to attract forward-looking talent and at the same time ensuring continuity of knowledge while transitioning to business as usual is one of the biggest blockers for transformation. 


We provide the necessary resources and tools required to ensure focus on the strategic functions and various methods to constantly re-align.  

Services: Strategic Capacity Advisory
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