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What We Offer

Operational Resiliency

Various environmental factors disrupting business as a whole or specific business lines cripple the business as usual mode. Preparing for contingency helps running business lines in disaster mode to tide over the disruption. 

Our Operational Resiliency expertise and insight allow you to ensure adaptability and continuity in the face of business disruption

Projects / Program Management

The availability of good talent to drive change initiatives are always a challenge. This is especially true for small and medium businesses. The strategic functions in the organizations sometimes are too stretched in ensuring smooth operations. The ability to attract talent for a short duration and at the same time ensuring continuity of knowledge while transitioning to business as usual is one of the biggest blockers the small and medium business face for transformations

With our Projects / Program Management offering we provide the necessary resources and tools required to keep projects/programs on track

Human Capital Strategy

Adoption of change by the employee is the biggest challenge/risk faced while transforming to an agile and customer-focused organization. The objective is to move from a resistance to change  to a culture that is excited about trying new things

Human Capital Strategy is our service offering that helps your various stakeholders in the organization work together to help maximize the potential of your people to deliver the right results for your organization. This includes redesigning organizational functions, revamping the internal communication strategy, realigning the strategic skills that you need in the organization and reskilling your people with the knowledge and tools needed

Digital Supply Chain Optimization

For business already in the transformation track, the key is to drive value from the digital investments. Some examples of challenges include "we have implemented agile, but business is not feeling the pace of change.", "We have invested in AI / RPA but are not sure we are addressing the right processes.", "My contracts with the vendors are not flexible enough to make the changes that we need now.".  Each of these challenges is more often than not caused by one or more underpinning issues in your digital supply chain  

Digital Supply Chain Optimization is our service that analyses your digital supply-chain,  identifies the potential root causes, and work with you to help eliminate these blocks

Business Aligned Digital Strategy

The evolving customer behavior mandates that business constantly adapts to the changing dynamics. Realigning offerings, introducing new delivery channels, modularizing business lines enabling fail-fast, and re-imagining the business are some of the decisions faced. The challenge is finding the right advisors and partners to work with  

Business Aligned Digital Strategy is our service designed to help you navigate these waters. We can evaluate your business to assess the readiness to this change and help set process and structure in place that helps with these changes.

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