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Service Offerings

Successful businesses in the digital era are customer-focused, omnichannel, agile, efficient, constantly evolving, available 24/7, and socially aware. The ask from leaders is not just to do their pre-defined functions, with pre-defined success criteria but to transform their organizations to thrive in this new agile, adaptive, and continuous innovation-driven reality. This journey is far from easy. While this journey involves charting new courses, there are common challenges that almost all businesses face...   

  • Deriving value from vendors / aligning vendor ecosystem to achieve business goals 

  • Inter group communication and engagement with Business, IT Engineering, and IT Operations 

  • Legacy technology ecosystem and structures that hamper digital agility 

  • Budgeting and managing costs 

  • Adding new skills while ensuring continuity in organizational know-how 

  • Inability to drive effective insights from data 

  • Driving perceived value from the transformation 

We at Engyisi is focused on helping leaders succeed by providing business-focused technology and process advisory solutions to the leaders to solve these common challenges.  We have grouped our end-to-end service offerings into three groups based on the organizational focus needed for these services. 

Services: Services

Organizational level services and implementation of these services require collaboration at the organizational level

Product line level services and implementation of these services require collaboration across the supply chain that makes the product engineering and delivery possible

Human resource services focused on organizational capacity, skills, and change management. The implementation of these services will need close alignment between stakeholders

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